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Discover the Charms of Riverstone Terraces, Upper Hutt

Situated in the vibrant and scenic region of Upper Hutt, Riverstone Terraces offers an enticing blend of natural beauty and suburban comforts. Known for its scenic landscapes and quiet, serene atmosphere, this suburb is a haven for those who appreciate tranquillity without straying too far from the convenience of urban amenities. Its sweeping views of the Hutt River and the surrounding hills make it a picturesque setting, ideal for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle amidst nature.

Riverstone Terraces isn’t just about its scenic splendours; it also hosts a range of activities to keep its residents engaged. The suburb is surrounded by numerous walking and biking trails, serving as an open invitation to outdoor enthusiasts. For those inclined towards leisurely activities, the Cannon Point Walkway offers a serene path along the river, providing a tranquil retreat from the bustle of daily life. Additionally, the suburb is just a short drive away from Harcourt Park, a favourite among families for its playground, picnic spots, and the popular “Lord of the Rings” location.

As for connectivity, Riverstone Terraces is conveniently located, providing easy access to the heart of Upper Hutt and beyond. Its proximity to State Highway 2 ensures smooth commutes to Wellington’s central business district and other notable areas. The suburb is also near the Silverstream Railway Station, offering regular train services to the wider Wellington region. With its harmonious blend of tranquillity, recreational options, and accessibility, Riverstone Terraces continues to be a sought-after location for those looking for a balanced lifestyle in Upper Hutt.

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Rental Properties in Riverstone Terraces, Upper Hutt

Riverstone Terraces in Upper Hutt is another prime location that has been attracting the attention of tenants and investors alike. This serene and beautifully landscaped suburb is a relatively new housing development, successfully drawing families and professionals owing to its tranquil environment, stunning river views, and spacious, modern properties. Its easy access to public transport and proximity to good schools and amenities only add to its charm, making it a haven for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience.

From an investment viewpoint, Riverstone Terraces offers substantial potential. The suburb’s recent developments and ongoing improvements have seen property values rise steadily, a trend that is predicted to continue. The rental market here is vibrant, underscored by steady demand and attractive rental yields. This, paired with the area’s strong appeal to long-term tenants, makes Riverstone Terraces an enticing opportunity for property investors looking for steady income and long-term capital growth.

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My partner and I have been renting through TPP for two years now and have had nothing but good experiences. We’ve never experienced a problem with communication and I’ve felt absolutely taken care of in any situation.

“I just want to say thank you for the utmost professionalism in our tenancy and wish the best for all property managers we’ve dealt with 🙂” – Tayla Hayes

We were with Taylor for almost 4 years as tenants and were really pleased with their service. I do want to give a special shoutout to our property manager, who is very responsive to address any concerns/queries we may have. They also helped us with an extension and very thorough move out information. Overall, highly recommended!!” – Clarissa Erlanty