Smart Property Management: Harnessing Technology to Streamline Operations in New Zealand

Smart Property Management

New Zealand’s rental market is booming, with tenancy rates exceeding homeownership for the first time ever [Stats NZ, Household Living Conditions Survey]. This surge presents a golden opportunity for property managers, but also a challenge: efficiently managing an ever-growing portfolio. Enter smart property management, a tech-powered approach that streamlines operations and unlocks valuable insights. But […]

Striking a Balance: Maintaining Competitive Rents While Attracting Ideal Tenants in Wellington

Balancing rental prices and quality tenants

Navigating the fiercely competitive Wellington rental market can often feel like walking a tightrope. On one hand, you want to ensure that your rental properties yield a fair profit, but on the other hand, you know that setting rents too high may price out the type of tenants who are likely to become the long-term, […]

Budgeting for Your Next Move: Navigating Wellington’s Rental Market on a Tight Budget

Miramar Suburb Wellington

Are you eyeing the rugged coastlines and vibrant culture of Wellington only to be met with apprehension about the city’s rental costs? Fear not. Despite being New Zealand’s capital, Wellington is a place where a tight budget doesn’t have to stand in the way of settling in one of the coolest little cities on earth. […]

City Slickers or Suburban Seekers? Finding the Perfect Rental Fit in Wellington

Wellington CBD - finding your perfect rental fit

For many individuals navigating the diverse landscape of Wellington, the choice between urban living and suburban tranquillity represents a significant lifestyle decision. Whether you’re drawn to the buzz of city life or the calm of a leafy suburb, Wellington has it all – and more. With unique neighbourhoods and rental properties that cater to every […]

Navigating the Housing Surge: Strategies for Rental Property Management in a Competitive Market


The real estate landscape across New Zealand is evolving at a pace we’ve seldom witnessed. In the heart of this change, Wellington, known for its vibrant culture and pulsating economy, is experiencing an unequivocal surge in housing demand. Property Plus, at the forefront of rental property management in Wellington, has keenly observed this shift and […]