Taylor Property Plus is totally committed to providing clients with quality service.

We recognise the importance you place on the success of your property investment and know the significance of not only having tenants in your rental property but of having it well managed.

Taylor Property Plus have been in business since March 2001. The two directors Kelvin and Raewyn Taylor have had their own investment properties for over 35 years. Prior to “officially” starting Taylor Property Plus, as well as looking after their own property investments, they looked after a number of friends and family.

Taylor Property Plus is a smaller and extremely successful property management company. The size of the company is a deliberate company policy to ensure that we can focus on the requirements of our clients.

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When finding tenants for properties, Taylor Property Plus uses all or some of the following avenues at any one time:

  • Internet
  • Social media
  • For Rent signs
  • Word-of-mouth

Depending on the market and the time of the year, we would allow on average three to four weeks to find a tenant. It could happen sooner or it could take a bit longer. We aim to have down-time to a minimum. There are definitely more properties available to let than say two years ago. It is always important that a property is well priced and well presented.


  • Quality service and communication with owners and tenants.
  • Our database of tenants will assist you to maintain a higher tenancy rate.
  • All our property management service costs are completely tax deductible.
  • We will manage your Advertising and re-letting needs.

Bond and Rents

  • Collection and monitoring of rental payments. Rental arrears are monitored daily and appropriate action taken.
  • We can arrange a quarterly rental income statement.
  • Bond lodgements and refunds are attended to by us.

Quality Tenants

  • All tenant applications are reference and credit checked.
  • Careful tenant selection. Prospective tenants taken to or met by us at the subject property.


  • Repairs and maintenance arranged. All our trades’ people are fully registered, insured and competitive.
  • Routine property inspections are carried out and a written report sent to you.
  • We liaise with the tenants on your behalf.


  • Taylor Property Plus agents are trained in all aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • All tenancy agreements are carefully prepared.
  • All documentation is completed in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • When necessary, we will represent you at Tribunal hearings.


  • For security reasons, all keys held by us are coded and locked in safes.
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